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March (2020) Must Reads!!

April 17, 2020


Thanks to EVERYONE WHO NOMINATED THESE PIECES AND THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO WROTE THESE AMAZING PIECES!! If you wish to see all March's nominations, please read the comments of our piece titled 'March (2020) Must Reads Nominations!!' Now let's get to the point.

Categories (in bold).
Nominated piece (linked) as well as the author (linked)
Quote from the piece (italicized)
Who nominated the piece and why
(we omitted the "our view on the piece" since our reviews kinda say it for us; also it was a little more work then we needed when we already do all this work)
!!Disclaimer: Some categories had more nominations than others, that’s why there are some more must readers than others!
Inner Strength by Explodingstars003
"Strength not only lies without"
HelpMe512 nominated because "The message is so real and I think it's something everyone should read simply because of the truth of this piece."

a tribute to the characters who are no longer with us by HelpMe512
"and i hold each story inside me"

you make god a sleeping beauty by weirdo
"but tears simply dissolve like / sickly carnations;"

We Were Magic Once by efflorescence
"ping pong table in your backyard kind of friendship"
Anne Blackwood nominated because "This piece left me speechless with its flawless imagery."
Dropping Roses by Anne Blackwood
"I'm following the trail of petals falling from your lips"

I want to wash my hands to rid of your germs, but they stick like honey to my palms by abi's pov
"I wish there was a mask against the temptation of your lips,"
Deep_Breaths nominated because "mushed love and COVID-19 into one amazing piece."
after the violets bloom by ☆surly☆wombat☆
"no witches in this town."
weirdo nominated because "hfdkjshfjddsdaj lesbian witches!!! as much of surly's poetry is, this is absolutely magical" 

And The Thought of the Sky Can’t Hurt You, If You’ve Got a God at Your Side. by PouringOutTheSun
"the curve of your eyes hide secrets and that the dirt of your palms belies divinity"
Anha nominated because "there are no compliments i can give to pots' work that will do it justice. her stories create worlds within worlds, and with every new installment of her work, i feel more and more like i want to live in the dreamscape that is her mind."
Simple/Short but powerful
there once was a girl by hi i'm jackson ;)
"this girl loved fiercely and with all her heart."
Tushar Mandhan nominated because "It is so unique and personal. I cannot help but read it over and over again."

this love is worth more than all the pennies in the world by BurningMidnightOil
"retching on desert oasis,"
Dmoral13 nominated because "it's timeless and locationless (if that's a word), it took me a far off place filled with emotions and metaphors i loved."
Historical Fiction
Infinite by And_The_Stars_Laughed
"Dadaí drinks the sky."
Raquel nominated because "The family dynamic in this story is so sweet, and yet so sad. The author perfectly captures the hopelessness of poverty and starvation during the Irish Potato Famine. The description is also beautiful."

american poet by elisa
"when the sky in your suburban fantasy"
Anha nominated because "i was literally in shock when i finished reading this poem for the first time. elisa's emotional rant brings out all kinds of feelings at the injustice of the world and the dangers of perception when there's so much being covered up. this is a poem that every man, woman, and child should read."
Coffee Eyes by Deep_Breaths
"I see his honey skin and starlight hair."

russian roulette by elisa
"danced / in the corners of existence"
Anha nominated because "absolutely exquisite - the rhythm and diction never fail to impress me, and the imagery in this piece is stellar beyond belief."
Four hundred stabs by Tushar Mandhan
"Shattered our souls and your hypocrisy"
another artistic statement so again i shall bleed by poetri
"I've created myself a poet."
Ursa nominated because "a soft, melancholy piece that is an inexplicably engaging and beautifully written work of art."
Folklore/greek mythology
loreley, oh loreley by the contrarian
"loreley, my dear, beautiful loreley,"
Ursa nominated because "full of bits of the stories of loreley, it captures the essence of the siren marvelously."

ring like a bell through the night by Norah
"She laughs, and bows as she leaves, her hair hiding her smile."
Anha nominated because "i love how norah has characterised this obscure pagan deity as a rootin' tootin' cowboy shootin' lass - there's really nothing quite like it!"
Lower case prose
d a w n by agustdv
"colorless agony"
mia_:) nominated because "I just loved how it made me feel and how simple, yet beautiful it was!"

"i miss my cocoa butter kisses" by Dmoral13 
"i ache for the days"
Ursa nominated because "something about the melancholy sadness she captures in this piece is so fitting of the realization of us losing our youth."

drowning in the night under blinding light by N.
"i want to go dancing in a field of violets"
Dmoral13 nominated because "this piece is officially now one of my favorites. literally, every line hits me in the feels."


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