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Characterization and I would like to know if you understood the metaphoric meaning I wanted to give through the portrayal of the little star.

My Little Star

April 13, 2020



In was midst of summer midnight, enchanting lights of stars stretched over the shining night sky. It seemed almost magical as if an enchantress had blessed the earth with pure beauty and freedom herself. The mane of aurora swayed with the gentle breeze of magic and it glowed brighter than any other fire, it lit up the sky with tinge of deep, emerald green and blazing red of blooming flowers.

The wind kissed Mary’s cheeks with sense of clean coolness of the nature as she lifted her tiny hand towards the sky fitting one little star between her two fingers. She gently giggled as the breeze playfully lifted her hair to tickle her small freckled nose.

She crinkled her eyes to see the star between her fingers, it was the tiniest star she had ever encountered her whole life. She crinkled her eyes again, but this time she tried to focus with all her strength. Her eyes became the half the size it originally was as her brown eyebrows met together and a thin line formed between her forehead like a stroke of a pen.

Why was it so bright?

It was too tiny in the first place for her to notice, but it was the light which had caught her eyes. She had never seen such a star. So pure, so bright, so great, so small.

“I wish I were you, my little star.” Mary almost whispered as if she was talking to herself. She jumped down from a chunk of snow she was siting on and a small thud of the snow answered back to her whisper.

Mary loved nature, well perhaps there wasn’t anything she truly didn’t like. She found pleasure in the littlest things, she was always curious in the simplest matters, she enjoyed and loved anything she came across in her life. She tried to understand everything in a positive light, even persuading herself till the most end of the day.

When she didn’t have anything to eat and when her stomach rumbled with emptiness and hunger she thought of the blessings and the sense of fullness when she had food. When her aunt would sometimes kick her out in the cold and not let her in, she told herself that it was a beautiful lesson to study the shifting stars in the dark night sky until the sun shone bright. She told herself, persuaded her evil mind, recited these bright words to herself when aunt Lena had finally, finally stranded her alone in the woods telling her she would come back before dawn when they both knew she wouldn’t.

After many arguments with her mind and her thoughts she came to a conclusion she had never came across before. She was too small, too little, useless to be noticed but useful to be suffered.

Almost voluntarily Mary drew out a heavy sigh out of her tiny lungs, she almost gasped when she did, utterly surprised herself. She had promised her mother that she would always be happy, she had promised……….but it was a heavy promise, a hard promise for her to keep.

Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are..” Mary sang staring at the white snow beneath her bare feet forgetting the coldness of the earth as the coldness of the world was too great in her heart.

“When the blazing sun is gone
When he nothing shines upon
Then you show your little light
Twinkle, twinkle, all the night
Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are”

hey guys thanks for reading. I hope you understand it Lol. I hope I'm quite sensible here. 


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