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Okay, this is a repost from a series I had called loved and lost (context: it hopeless romantic ramblings). Anyway, this is one of my favs and I wanted to share it again because, during my break, I deleted a lot of pieces and I wanted to bring at least one back.

stay safe, stay cool,
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love me until we're plaster statues in museums | An old repost from Loved and Lost

November 21, 2020


/I adore you./

    |I'd whisper the words to you.|

I'd be like Narcissus whispering to his reflection,
but only if you asked
in that honey-sweet in meaning
broken-glass gravel in sound

    |I'd kiss every Icarus burn of yours.|

Until the imprints of my love were waxen wings
on your skin,
but only if you beg
like mere mortals beg
for Fate to spare.

   |I'd kiss your collapsed ribs.|

I'd peck kisses to your glorious imperfections
all laid out like rotting organs,
disgusting; beautiful;
I'd be the crows that picked at Prometheus,
but only if you really want to love a broken thing,
if you really want that punishment.

    |I'd take every bit of your love.|

I'd be Hades stealing Persephone,
drag you down the worst of places
and murmur tales of the beauty of you
to the skeletons in my closet,
but only if you would eat the fruit of
forbidden love.

    |I'd name planets after your Roman counterpart.|

I'd let the children of our future weave your name
into memory rhymes,
listen to couples say how they love each other to you
and back,
but only if you'll stare at the stars with me
and imagine a dozen theories
about how we came to exist.

    |I'd say it in Greek.|

I'm actually not sure how to,
so I guess I should say it in a language 
that is as dead as us;

/"Adoro te"/
Repost edit: why do men? why do women? frog


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