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April 26, 2020



weeks before the tsunami coiled around japan’s lungs,
the skies in dubai changed. february always seduced
fat clouds in the middle-eastern spring; the kind that
reminded you of cotton candy and glazed croissants.
but that year, the clouds were galloping. virgin gusts
of godly breath, they resembled snow angels torn to
shreds. it was enough beauty to bring a grown man 
to his pagan knees. but i? i knew. i knew something
was horribly wrong, that something was going to 
change forever.
anarchy. the kind that kept children shivering for 
weeks under thickets of decomposing sakura. the
kind that birthed and buried mangled human limbs
in baptist compost pits. the kind that noah renounced
hundred years of his life to build an ark for.
the kind that spawned slick turmoil in its wake,
and changed the skies of a land millions of 
miles away.


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  • Dani A. Remlap

    Oh my God

    about 1 year ago
  • jaii

    jesus christ this,,,physically hurt? how?? i've been punched in the gut and i love it

    about 1 year ago