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This was a piece I found while deleting documents from my Google Docs... Hope you enjoy!!

The Tales Told by China

April 11, 2020


    There are countless stories locked within your mother’s dark china cupboard. Behind its doors are memories, carefully kept, even after years and generations have passed, swallowed up by time.
    When you open the cupboard to find your mother’s deviled egg plate for the Easter celebration, a myriad of dishes clamor for your attention, each with its own tale to tell. You are overwhelmed by the bright, intricate patterns making every piece a precious jewel, handcrafted through hours of hard work.
    In the back, long forgotten and hidden from view, is the silver platter on which your grandmother served Easter ham, Thanksgiving turkey, and Christmas goose, all those years ago. For a moment, you remember candle-lit rooms filled with laughter, gifts piled under a bright evergreen and adorned with colorful ribbons and bows, and, of course, the goose, crispy and brown, waiting to be drenched in the homemade gravy your grandfather boasted as the best in the whole state. The platter itself is simple, with only three letters, your grandmother’s initials, engraved on the center. The modest pattern on the edging reminds you of your grandmother’s conservative mindset, and the many virtues she taught you.
    You see, front and center, the glasses in which champagne was served to your wedding guests, only six years ago. The crystal is carefully etched with flowers and swirls, and you marvel at the intricacy of it all. There is a set of six in your possession, in your own china cupboard back in your kitchen, but your mother holds fourteen. They were your grandmother’s, and your great-grandmother’s before her, back and back for several generations. You think of your white wedding dress, your father’s smiling face, your new husband twirling you in circles, and the regal posture in which your mother stood as she overlooked the whole gathering.
    The set of several Blue Willow china plates prompts memories of dinner with your great-grandmother, over two decades ago. On them, she served mashed potatoes, lima beans, and golden, fried chicken. You remember the love she showed you, her gentleness, and her care. You didn’t appreciate the time spent with her, but now, after she’s gone, you wish you had. You loved her, deep down, even if you sometimes acted like you didn’t. You recall the many mistakes you made in the past, and you are filled with regret.
    The Pink Tower china reminds you of long visits to antique stores with your father, in search of the pattern. It is your mother’s favorite out of all her china, and you and your father hunted endlessly for it, hoping to find another piece at an out-of-the-way shop. Most of the time, you didn’t find anything, and you came back empty handed. But you remember your mother’s joy when you presented a piece after a long yet fruitful search, her beautiful happiness expressed in a smile.
    Finally, you find the egg plate. It brings back memories of good times and celebration. Egg hunts, parties, and, of course, deviled eggs, come flooding back to you. You stand up, turning the dish over in your hands, careful not to drop it, for fear it would shatter, and the memories of the past would be lost with it. For there are countless stories, countless memories, all held within a china cupboard in your mother’s dining room.


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