Anika Rose

United Kingdom

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I hope that even if we do not understand each other's words, we can find beauty and peace within them.

The News Goes On

April 12, 2020

My alarm goes off at seven 
And the news goes on 
She blooms in our chest once more 
Before dropping us to Hell’s pits below. 

I take a lunch break at one 
And the news goes on 
My heart is racing as I’m  
and higher 
And then dropping to the cold Earth again. 

My work finishes at five 
And the news goes on 
I’m rising past the treetops 
higher than I’ve been before 
I can almost see - 
And then I smash into the rock below. 

At ten I’m going to bed 
And the news goes on 
I rise up 
Far past before 
Up to the sky 
She’s bringing me up further 
and there! 
I can see the horizon -
But I slip from her grasp
and the pain is paralysing
But Hope will raise me up 
and again
and again.
Until I can reach out and touch the horizon
Until it’s between my fingertips
Until the end is here.


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