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My latest book, the first in a series. I'm only a few chapters into the first draft but I'm enjoying it so much that I thought I'd post it :)
Also, it's been forever since I posted sooooo.... Hi!

The Collective: Draft 1; Prologue

April 11, 2020


Boom! Crash! The cart exploded in a huge ball of fire as the spell made contact with it. Any soldiers that were still in the area sprinted off without thinking twice as their supply carriage quickly went up in flames. The flames licked at the darkening sky, growing higher by the second. Heat spread out and I felt it cover me. It took all of the moisture from the air in a second, making it difficult to breathe. Then, as quickly as it was set, it was put out. Naya looked back at me, her hand still outstretched from casting the spell to fix my mess. Her expression was scolding me, but deep in her bright green eyes I could see that she was amused. 
   “Was that really necessary? You could have set fire to the entire forest.” Naya smiled. “So dramatic.” 
   I shrugged, “It did the trick.” She laughed, a bright, sweet sound that echoed through the otherwise silent woods. I smiled at her, then winced at the sudden pain in my head. I felt dizzy and my limbs were growing  heavier by the second. My body leaned slightly to the left but I managed to keep myself upright. Naya was at my side in an instant. 
   “Hey, are you okay?” she questioned, holding an arm out for me to grab onto. “You know those spells are draining. One day you’re going to get yourself killed.” I would have argued, but I couldn’t think straight. It was worse than I’d ever felt after using one of the more taxing spells. 
   I took Naya’s arm and she helped me sit up against a tree, looking outward on what had previously been a battlefield. They were getting crazy, coming so close to the village like that. Usually the bandits would wait at the edge of the woods and attack anyone travelling to another city. However, that night they’d been bold, on their way to attack our village. They’d had all of the supplies to cause mass destruction that would have taken months for the survivors to repair. They were lucky Naya and I had been on patrol instead of someone else. Anyone else would have just reported the activity, but we knew better. Well, Naya knew better. She knew what happened when you hesitated even for a second. 
   Naya gazed out over the field. The corpse of their supply carriage sat there in the middle, burnt to a crisp. As the wind blew, ashes were blown into the air, floating off to some far away place. Naya quickly brushed a stray strand of black hair from her face, misplaced by the breeze. She looked deep in thought, her eyebrows furrowed
together like they always were when she was concentrating, or was upset with someone. I was very familiar with both. 
   “There’s something peaceful about a battlefield after a fight,” she said. I didn’t have the mental awareness to respond, but she kept going anyway. “It’s like everything is okay now.” I knew what she meant, that relief of having lived another day. The relief of being the one to still be there when others weren’t. I concentrated on my breathing, trying my best not to pass out. This always happened. I’d go overboard on a spell and end up passed out with Naya having to take care of me. If I had a coin for every time that she’s carried me, or cast a protective spell over me before she left, then I’d be rich! 
   Naya turned and smiled at me. She was so pretty. The energy that she brought with her just always made everything seem so much better. Even though the sky was darkening, her presence made it seem brighter. Her eyes were suddenly drawn to something on the ground. A little brown leather book. She picked it up and chuckled to herself before tossing the book to me. It was my journal. I’d just bought it before we left. I had big plans of recording what we did, just in case I ever got myself killed and they needed an account on who could have done it. I had more enemies than just the bandits. I slowly picked it up and put it back in my pocket. Naya rubbed her hands together, preparing to do something. 
   “I’d better go make the report,” she said. “You stay here, just in case anything happens.” Her hands moved with confidence as she cast the protective spell. Immediately I was covered in a shimmering blanket of light that disappeared after a moment. Naya beamed, proud of her handiwork.
   “There. Indestructible. That should hold through anything,” Naya began to walk away but turned back. She smiled at me and I smiled back. She seemed hesitant, like she felt that something was wrong. Naya seemed to shake the feeling, but blew me a kiss before walking off into the woods. 
   I began focusing as hard as I could on not passing out before she got back. I didn’t want whoever she brought to observe the remains to find me half dead on the ground. However, I was too exhausted, and it hit me hard in a wave that I couldn’t come up from. As my eyes closed, I heard a commotion in the distance, then everything faded to black.


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