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I'm not a natural poet, so I'd appreciate any feedback you have for this piece!

On Loneliness

April 11, 2020


sometimes I hold parties
with the stars, dress
in a silver ballgown adorned 
with a hundred diamonds, 
fabric falling to my ankles
and rippling outwards, 
a sea of glimmering crystals
and glass. canis major is 
my companion, orion and cassiopeia 
accompany me in my celestial
dance, tiptoeing across 
black skies on friday nights
in our solitary ballet. 
we are elegance incarnate, immortal 
beings gifted with the sky
as our stage, an expanse 
of glorious emptiness
to be filled with our dancing.
I take constellations
and lace them through
my braided hair until
I am dripping with starlight.
someday I’m sure
there will be a star named for me,
and I’ll dance forever in the dreams
of children just like me,
who whisper secrets to the stars because
only the stars will listen.

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1 Comment
  • Anne Blackwood

    This is my favorite piece I've read of yours, and I knew it would be as soon as I saw the first line. As I continued to read, I just tell more and more in love with it, and my smile kept getting wider.

    11 months ago