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Midine (Chapter Three)

April 11, 2020


    I'm woken up to beaming sunlight stabbing my eyes. Andy's directly behind me, struggling and whining. 
    "Wh-what's going on?" I ask, the binds on my wrists beginning to itch and scratch my skin.
    "I'm not sure, but the Midine are gone." Andy says. She tries to stand up, but the ropes hold her down. "Ugh! This is useless!" She gives up.
    "Are they gone-gone, or will the Midine be back?" I ask, worrying immensely. They killed both Josh and Beth, and I know they could easily slice Andy and I in half... but they don't yet.
    "Again, not sure," Andy returns. Her face suddenly lights up. I follow her gaze to a lonely arrow.
    "We could use it to cut the binds!" I rejoice. Andy smiles and nods. We start our struggle to crawl to the arrow.
    When we finally reach the arrow, Andy grabs it and tears the ropes on her wrists, then her feet. After she's free, she helps me cut my own ropes. 
    "Thanks.' I say. Andy just nods. I look up and see our tent a little bit in the distance. "That way" I point to the tent. Andy sees it too.
    "Our tent." She whispers. We walk towards it. 
    "Do you think.... that the Midine are inside?" I ask, fear increasing in both of us. Andy looks at me.
    "I don't know."
I know this is REALLY short, but i'm just curious if anybody actually wants me to finish this LOL.


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