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Good morning world! I wrote this piece on a whim and would love some feedback!! (Although, it's kind of just a pile of word vomit, so...) Well, anyway, enjoy!

Walking Along a Dirt Road in Midsummer

April 11, 2020


The heat rises from the road in ripples, contorting my vision as if I’ve opened my eyes underwater. Sweat seeps out of my pores, rolling off my nose and getting into my eyes; my eyes ache from staring at the road for so long. Pain stabs at my feet every time I take a step. It’s been so long since I rested, and a little rest for an hour would be nice. Yes, I think I’ll lay down for a while, right here on the side of the road. No one’s driven by in so long anyway.

Thorny bushes provide the only shade on either side. They sure aren’t comfortable, but it’s better than walking, and I’ve walked for so long I can’t see straight anymore. My water is almost gone, but a few drops linger at the bottom of the bottle. I tip my head back and let the water drip into my open mouth. It’s been so long since I ran, so long since that night, so long since the road started, and maybe I should go home, but I tell myself it’s better this way. It is better this way, alone on a dirt road headed to nowhere but going somewhere. This is freedom: no restraints and no plan for tomorrow.
Now that the water bottle is empty, I know I should rest for a while, try to conserve as much energy as possible, wait until nightfall to get up and move again. I know a thing or two about being nocturnal; I used to stay up all night to finish essays for English class, but those days are long gone. I don’t have to worry about essays anymore, for I’m on the run and I’m alone.

The sun sends me into a queasy sleep, and when I wake the sky is dark, the moon just rising. I remember waking on another night, sitting up after the party with the taste of beer still swishing around in my saliva, not knowing where I was or what had happened. I know where I am now. I’m on a road, going somewhere far away but somewhere unknown. My throat is somehow parched. It hasn’t tasted water in so long. I have to get up and walk or I’ll die in the morning. You can’t live without water. But there’s water everywhere, water on the ground, water on the road, water in the dirt, water so deep I could drown in it but somehow I don’t. I just manage to walk along the surface, and maybe my feet don’t hurt anymore because I’m not walking on the ground. The road goes on forever and I don’t care, I’ll walk for all eternity and no one can stop me, just so long as there’s water on the ground and water in the air and water on the thorns of the thorny bushes.

It’s hours before I feel the snake bite on my leg. I don’t know why I was bitten or where, all I know is that it hurts and my leg is starting to swell. How did I not hear a rattle? There is still water on the ground, not deep, but swelling in puddles. I feel a raindrop on my forehead, but cannot tell if it is real or merely a hallucination, like all the water must be. It doesn’t rain often in the desert. If this is what it means to be free then I desire freedom no longer.

From somewhere in the darkness, far down the road, the headlights of a car appear. As I sink to the ground, too weak and hungry and thirsty to continue on, the vehicle slows to a stop. A figure I recognize but cannot place steps out of the car and walks towards me saying my name,  but I can barely hear his words. All I know is that I’m walking towards the car, stepping in, and heading to a place far away called home.


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  • Anne Blackwood

    I can't wait for everyone on this site to discover your magic

    11 months ago
  • deep_breaths

    I love this. Great job

    11 months ago