Souled Out


❝will you still smile at me
when the world is burning?❞


i'm souled out.

Message from Writer

he didn't like the way his heart fluttered when he thought of his enemy, the way he found himself yearning for those smiles and the few genuine laughs. they were supposed to be separate, fighting for their own causes, weapons aimed at the other's throat. but, instead, he found himself here, laying underneath the stars and pointing out all the constellations his enemy couldn't name. what a fool he was, what fools they were. this wouldn't last. the world was never kind to those who deviated from their paths.

The Queen, part one

April 10, 2020


The queen sits on her decaying throne,
    told to stay there until it's over.
The king is a man twice her age who
    she loathes and barely knows.
The princess is a girl who isn't his
    child, and her brother is
the prince in a faraway land with
    the man who they call father.

She mourns for her children who she
    is forbidden to see by the king,
and she mourns for the man she
    wishes was her husband,
and she mourns for her kingdom
    which she's not allowed into.

This queen is not made weak by her
    inability to rule, nor is she weak
by her lack of knowledge on her
    kingdom, and she isn't weak from
her caution to speak out against the
    man she was forced to marry.
The queen is not a weak ruler, but a
    hidden one, unable to serve.


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