The Dark Horse

April 10, 2020


Always hidden...
Watching, but never acknowledged.
Waiting, but never getting the chance.

But I am so tired of it.
My body cannot contain it anymore.
The magic yearns to be unleashed.

In a sea of light horses, it should be so easy to spot me.
And yet...their eyes are so blind.
Their eyes, so attracted to the surface beauty of the white manes.

I know what they want.
All these other horses do not have it.
Only I do.

And yet-
I cannot express myself.
I remain invisible.

A lifetime of watching...
Another lifetime of waiting...
And another lifetime of hiding in the dark.

At night while the other horses get to rest in fancy stables,
I am only given the company of rotting wood and shadows.
In the morning when the other horses are presented to their trainers,
I am only greeted with the heavy locked door to my cramped stall.
At noon while the other horses get fed nutritious feasts,
I am only treated with water and a few sticks of hay.

But despite these differences,
I make it through everyday.
Sometimes sneaking out at night to the vast meadows.

With the moonlight bathing me in a shimmering black dress,
The cool night's breeze ruffling my pelt,
I glide through the lands effortlessly- a shadow of death.

Oh how glad I am!

I have been waiting forever for the day to come.
For tomorrow to come.
For the competition...to arrive.

The magic erupts from my heart,
coursing through the vessels of my body
ready to be wielded.

Ready to be seen.
Ready for competition.
Ready for destruction.

As always, I shall emerge victorious,
For I am the dark horse.



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  • a_myriad_of_stars_07

    @ElizabethZ88 Happy Easter by the way!

    9 months ago
  • a_myriad_of_stars_07

    @ElizabethZ88 No problem! I can’t wait to see what else you write:)

    9 months ago
  • ElizabethZ88

    @a_myriad_of_stars_07 Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it :)

    9 months ago
  • a_myriad_of_stars_07

    “And yet I cannot express myself/ I remain invisible.” This line is so beautiful! That really touched me; I feel that so much! You’re a really great writer!:)

    9 months ago