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Invisible Friend

April 10, 2020


Molly's the best seven year old ever. She has such an amazing imagination, that's how I've come to be!
    One day, Molly was bored and her older sister, Lizzie, didn't want to play with her. So, Molly, being so super creative, thought up an imaginary friend... ME!
Ever since then, Molly and I have been on loads of adventures. One time we went to the moon, boy, that sure was fun! Then another time, Molly and I learned to fly, so we flew around the house. Lizzie got mad when we had that adventure, though (we spilled her nail polish).
    Lately, Molly has been using me less and I'm not sure why. The last time we played was two weeks ago. Two WHOLE weeks!!! And all Molly wanted to play was this weird game called "Boyfriend." What is that even supposed to mean?!
    When Molly plays "Boyfriend", she calls me Jeremy. My name is never Jeremy when we have adventures. My usual name is Sallie, but now I guess I'm Jeremy.
----------------------(three years later)----------------------
   Molly's ten now and she used me today. It was so fun... but also, how do I put this, weird. She pulled out her phone and pretended to call someone. Last time I was Jeremy, but now I'm Ben. Molly pretended that Ben (or me, I suppose) called her and asked her out on a dat. Or was it date?
    Anyway, Molly had me go on the dat (date?) and it was really odd. She gave me a kiss (no clue what that is) and held my hand. If you ask me, the hand holding thing is comforting because Molly used to hold my hand when we'd go on our adventures.
    When the date (yeah, that sounds right) was over, Molly put me right back. I felt myself fade away slightly. Fading away is painful and sad. I had friend who faded away and they were in intense pain.
----------------------(four years later)----------------------
    Molly is fourteen now. I haven't been used in so long. All I do is sit and watch her grow up. My legs and hips have faded away. It hurt real bad. 
----------------------(five years later)----------------------
Molly is nineteen. I've seen so much, and heard a great deal of things. My chest, neck and arms have faded. Molly hasn't used me in forever. So all I can do is suffer.
----------------------(one year later)----------------------
Molly just turned twenty today. My head is fading right now. All I want is for Molly to know how much I love her.... but now it's too la-
This is a story from an imaginary friend named Sallie's pov of what it's like to have her kid grow up and have her fade away. TBH, it's kinda sad. (Oh, btw, the reason that it ending in the middle of a sentence is because Sallie fades away before she can finish... in case you didn't get that LOL)


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  • a_myriad_of_stars_07

    Reply: Yay!!!!:) I can’t wait!!

    10 months ago
  • a_myriad_of_stars_07

    Reply: I love your writing- it's soo good! It tugs on the heartstrings, but also leaves you in suspense- it's really cool!
    YOU NEED TO WRITE A CHAPTER 3 OF MIDLINE!!! Sorry if that came off as scary...I tend to think before I type and not erase what I write:)

    10 months ago
  • a_myriad_of_stars_07

    Awwww, this is so good! Now I want to cry

    10 months ago
  • mia_:)

    This is soooo cool and sweet! I love how it shows how Molly's growing up, but Sallie doesn't understand that. Just make sure that you're not using comma splices! This is such amazing work! I love your flash fiction! <3

    10 months ago