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Midine (Chapter Two)

April 10, 2020


    "Beth!" I scream, but she disappears into the darkness of Iantillas. Andy lets out a second scream and we all see two large eyes peering at us. Our lights gleam off of rows of razor sharp teeth. I hold my breath. Josh pulls me back and we slowly back up, Andy behind us. 
    We run and rustling becomes tearing up the ground. Andy starts crying, Josh runs faster and I nearly trip. We reach our tent and I notice the familiar point of the harpoon guns. Josh and Andy grab one and I peer out the opening of our tent.
    The creatures are nowhere to be seen. But I don't let my guard down. I jump back when a hand appears on the ground. Immediately I recognize the ring and nail polish. "Beth?" I whisper. When no answer comes, I grab the hand and pull it closer.
    The hand is cold as ice and not attached to Beth's arm. I scream and toss the disembodied hand into the bushes. Andy runs over to me and pulls me away from the opening. "What is it?!" Josh asks. Tears stream down my face and I attempt to talk. 
    "Th- they've got Beth, and..." I stop. Josh puts a hand on my back. "It was her hand." I sob. Andy's face turns white. I weep into Josh's lap. Andy stands up and reloads her gun. "What are you doing?' I ask. 
    Andy walks to the opening. "I'm getting our Beth back." Then she disappears. 
    Josh and I sit and wait. There's nothing else to do. So we sit in the back of the tent and wait. I hear footsteps outside the tent. The tent flap opens and Andy stumbles inside. We both rush to her side. She's got tears and blood on her cheeks. Harpoon gun empty and her leg gashed open.
    I move her blanket away from the opening and Andy lays on it. "I saw Beth." She whimpers. "They..." Her eyes shine with horror. "They ate her." She says, her face completely white. My stomach churns and I feel the tears come back. "No, no they couldn't have." I weep.
    Andy just nods. Josh looks up at the opening of our tent and he motions for us to be quiet. The creatures are right outside the tent. Josh holds Andy and I close, our breath quick. My heart pounding so loud, I pray the creatures don't hear it. 
    Once they're gone, Andy sits up and faces us. "They look like a horror movie monster. Like the Midine." She says softly. "That's what they are..." I say "The Midine." Josh only looks at us, not saying a thing. I dig through Beth's bag and find her first aid bag.
    I wrap Andy's leg and treat her cuts. Josh sits down next to me. "I'm scared" I say, resting my head on his shoulder. He looks me in the eyes and tells me,"I am too"
    His eyes glaze over and blood drips out of his mouth. I want to scream but I know the Midine would come, if they weren't already here. Andy looks over and she see's Josh.
    Her hand flies over my mouth, muting the scream that I nearly released. A scaled and scarred hand reached out of Josh's chest and blood drips off his chin.
    I howl a silent sob. Tears descend off my nose. Josh falls backward and I see a large Midine smiling at us. The Midine drags Josh backwards and once his body is out of the tent, thousands of Midine attack it. I bury my face into Andy's chest. She just watches, her eyes wide.
    When I look back up, all the Midine are gone and all that's left is Josh's hand. Andy looks at me and we grab our guns. "Why don't they just come in the tent and attack?" I ask. Andy looks at me. "I... I don't know. Maybe they like making us watch the other be devoured." She suggests.
    "Seems very sinister and psychotic for a bunch of island creatures." I say. Andy starts to respond but then she stops. I recognize the look and I hold my gun up. She points. 
    I look where she's pointing and my heart stops dead. Millions and thousands of Midine slowly crawl towards us. My hands shake and I can't fix my gaze at just one of them.
    The Midine in the front is the one who took Josh. Anger and rage fills me and point my gun. But then I see what Andy was really pointing at. There are arrows sticking out of the backs of all the Midine. The arrows won't kill them. I drop the gun, Andy does too. 
    Knowing that we're good as dead, Andy and I just sit. The Midine stalks our tent. The large one tears a hole in the side of the tent and hisses. Andy shoots it, trying anything. The Midine whistles a high pitched noise that instantly knocks Andy and I over.
    The last thing I see before I black out is the giant Midine dragging Andy and I into the darkness.
This is part TWO of a story, if you want part one than click here.
Also, if you've actually taken time to read my insane story and want a Chapter Three, comment and like.


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  • a_myriad_of_stars_07

    This is crazy! PLEASE write the next chapter!! This is soo good, I NEED to know what happens next!
    (Sorry if that was a bit dramatic, I really hate cliff endings:))

    10 months ago