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A Single Seed

April 20, 2020

A single seed, once sown, cannot be unplanted.
It may grow, it may not,
but the seed will always be there,
tucked safely into the soil. 

Now, imagine your faith is that seed.
Just like you cannot un-plant a seed,
you cannot take back a message of hope.
However small, that seed of hope will stay
buried inside you forever,
burning with the fires of passion,
intertwining with your thoughts and emotions,
moulding into your subconscious,
somewhere deep within.

In the darkness of despair,
take a moment to reflect.
Search inside yourself.
You'll find that tiny shard of optimism.
You will.
Trust me. 

But wait - 
there's more;
    it gets better.
Like a seed,
with a little water
and a little patience,
it can grow,
develop into something bigger,
something beautiful.

Unlike a seed,
hope thrives in the darkness, 
in the midst of troubled times.

When life becomes a burden you can no longer bear,
find your seed.
Find your hope. 
Tend to it, care for it,
and don't ever forget it.

It will grow inside you,
first a shoot,
then a stem,
and then
then it will burst out
like a bouquet of flowers,
showering blossom everywhere you go.
It bursts out of your heart,
your soul,
and scatters into a million pieces
fractals of beauty and
the courage to keep going.

rosy pink,
baby blue,
sunshine yellow
and pearly white,
bloom in an array of colour,
encircling you in a rainbow of promise.
People around you stop and watch,
as they, too, find their seeds.
Flowers, vivid and vibrant, bloom out of their hearts
and grow,
joining together,
crossing all borders
of language,
and sexuality.

And then you can see the true power of that seed,
reaching all corners of the globe
with messages of positivity and hope,
without barriers,
through a lost world.

A single seed, once sown, cannot be unplanted.
But it can grow into something



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  • Poppy.M

    Such gorgeous symbolism! I love it

    6 months ago
  • ect.13

    Thank you! That means a lot :)

    6 months ago
  • WhispersOfGray

    This is very beautiful!

    6 months ago