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Love him

By: Cheshire Cat


I was talking with my friends about him. I think you know who him would be, my crush. He and I talked all the time. We were just friends then. But I still liked him. One boy, Andy, always made jokes about us. But I still liked him. We sat together and talked at lunch and my friends came up with weird ship names. But I still like him. Some thought we were strange. But I still like him. I may not need him but I want him. You may want him but he is mine. And then the Halloween dance. He asked me to dance and I said yes Because I like him. Because I love him.

Peer Review

I loved the repetition with the "But I still like him", it made the piece so much more heart warming and relatable in a personal level.

I think you did this beautifully, it was enough to get the readers know what was happening and how it was dealt with. Maybe adding some more facts about the boy? Olala :)

Reviewer Comments

Great job, and keep up the great work! <3<3<3 I love how this was so relatable! Also, I would love to enter your contest, just give me some time, and I will enter.