Cheshire Cat

United States

I am 13
shy girl
more of a loner
Used to be purple galaxy
Love the lunar chronicles
Kinder <3
Wolflet <3
Cresswell <3

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I wish I had more friends
"The sun hides behind the horizon like a cowered just like we hide under our blankets from the monsters in the dark."

Love him

April 15, 2020


I was talking with my friends about him. I think you know who him would be, my crush. He and I talked all the time. We were just friends then. But I still liked him. One boy, Andy, always made jokes about us. But I still liked him. We sat together and talked at lunch and my friends came up with weird ship names. But I still like him. Some thought we were strange. But I still like him. I may not need him but I want him. You may want him but he is mine. And then the Halloween dance. He asked me to dance and I said yes Because I like him. Because I love him.


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