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Midine (Chapter One)

April 10, 2020


    Andy gets on the boat first. Then Josh, then Bethanne. I finally get onto the small boat, reluctantly and cautious. Beth and Andy are running to our three-bedroom cabin. Josh senses my worries and he grabs my hand and gives it a comforting squeeze. "It's fine, Audrey. It'll be fun." He whispers. I smile and we walk together.
    "I can't believe we were chosen to come on this boat." Andy gushes. "I mean, what are the chances that four college besties are ALL chosen to go on a once in a lifetime trip?!" I laugh. Andy's always been so enthusiastic about everything.
    Bethanne found our cabin and we all go inside. "Whoa," I mumble under my breath. The cabin has a huge kitchen, a gigantic living room, two bathrooms and three rooms. Andy runs into the first room, the one with a full screen TV and screams "DIBS!" I roll my eyes.
    Beth walks into the second room and smiles, hers has got a full bookshelf. "I guess I'll take this one." Josh and I walk into the third room. There's one huge bed in the middle of the room and I feel my face turn slightly red.
    Josh lugs his suitcase over to one of the large dressers and sets his smaller bag on top of it. I drag my bags over to the other dresser. Andy squeals loudly from the other room. "OH MY GAWSH!! Did you guys know that we ave a fully stocked fridge AND pantry?!" josh snorts and I giggle. 
    We walk into the kitchen and Josh grabs a bag of chips. Andy's already gorging on a big bowl of what looks like pasta? I reach into the pantry and my fingers brush a sharp end of something. Dislodging to object from it's perch, I realize that it's a giant harpoon gun.
    Josh saunters over to where I'm inspecting to gun. "Why do we need a harpoon gun?" He asks. I look up at him. "I, I don't know." I stutter. He walks back to the pantry and finds three other guns. "Well, at least they gave us each one." Josh jokes. 
    I brush off the questions buzzing around my head. "They're probably from a previous trip." I say, answering Josh's previous question. I feel a small jolt and I stumble into the counter. "The boat is now starting on it's course to Iantillas." A voice blares over the speakers. 
    Beth walks out into the living room with a stack off books in her arms. A smile creeps onto my lips, that's our Bethanne. Not knowing what to do, I wander over to Beth and search through her books and pull out a classic. This is going to be a relaxing trip, I reassure myself.
    The sky is dark and Beth is reading in her room because Andy's screaming at a horror movie on the massive TV in the living room. Josh and I are in our room. He's in the bathroom taking a shower and I'm sitting on the bed, finishing another book I borrowed from Beth. I tug my silky nightgown over my tan shoulders.
    The voice comes back on the speakers and I nearly fall off the bed. "We will arrive at our destination around noon tomorrow." Andy, just being herself, screams "Okay, thanks for the update!" at the voice. Laughter bubbles in my chest and I let a small giggle escape.
    Josh emerges from the bathroom in a pair of black shorts, his hair still wet from his shower. My cheeks redden once again. I'm suddenly self conscious of my nightgown and my messy bun that sits atop my head.
    Hiding my red face behind my book, I scorn myself for being so embarrassed in front of Josh. We've been dating for a year, he's seen much worse of me.
    Josh flops down on the bed and I'm launched onto the floor. My eyes are wide and Josh is laughing so hard tears are rolling down his face. I crawl off the floor and start to laugh too. "I'm sorry, but that was the most hilarious thing I've ever seen." Josh says, still laughing.
    My face isn't red anymore and I kiss Josh on the cheek. He kisses me back. Andy must've noticed the silence. "Hey!" She yells "Don't you be ruin this trip for me!" We ignore her remarks.
    Beth's alarm roars through the cabin and I'm awoken by her favorite song. "Sorry!" Beth says. "I forgot that it was that loud." I roll out of bed and pull my robe on to walk to our bathroom. 
    The shower is warm. The shampoo smells like wine! I think to myself. When I get out of the shower, I blow dry my hair and braid it quickly. Sifting through my suitcase, I finally settle on a yellow sundress.
    My stomach rumbles. When I walk into the kitchen, Andy's already eaten two donuts. Beth's snacking on a bagel. "Is there any cereal?" I ask. Andy answers, mouth full of frosting. "Yah, ter's Eri-o's an Ice Kips" Beth laughs. "I'll just pretend like I understood that." Andy swallows her food and repeats her answer. "Audrey, I SAID Cheerios and Rice Crisps" She jokes. 
    I end up eating a piece of toast. My watch buzzes. A text from my sister appears on my screen. Hey sis. Hope you're having fun! I write a quick response and then I sit on the couch and scroll through the TV channels.
    Josh walks out of our room. He sits next to me on the couch. "We've reached our destination." Thunders through our cabin.
    "WOO!!! FINALLY!" Andy whoops. Beth looks up from her book. "I guess I'll have to get my back pack then." She wanders into her room and emerges with a small bag. I remember that I packed a hiking bag too. The blue bag is on my dresser. When I walk back into the living room, Andy and Beth are already on the ship's deck. Josh waits for me and we venture out with them.
    Iantillas is beautiful. The water is a gorgeous crystal clear blue and there's colorful flora and fauna everywhere. "Wow, this is amazing." I gush. Josh takes my hand and we walk off the boat. The perfect white sand is soft and it makes it's way inside my shoes.
    Andy runs onto the sand and splashes in the water. Beth picks up seashells and bright plants and places them in one of her plastic bags. Josh walks over to a tree and inspects it's bark. I stroll over to his side and look at what he's examining.
    Scratches and claw marks and all over the tree. "Huh, that's... odd." Josh mumbles. Andy runs up to me and holds a little crab up to my face. "Look at it! I'm naming it Andy." I raise my eyebrows. "You're naming it after yourself?" I ask.
    Andy laughs. "Of course!" She runs back over to the water and I turn back to where Josh was standing. He's walked to another tree with the same marks.
    I hear a loud rumbling. All four of us turn and see the boat leaving. "Wait! My stuff is still on there!" Beth yells. "We will return to pick you all up in two days." The voice blasts. I notice all our bags and belongings on the deck.
    Beth runs over to her pile and hugs it. Andy looks over at her pile. "Eh, looks like everything's there." She says. Josh and I make sure nothing was left out of our things.
The sky began to grow dark. "What? How is it dark already?" I wonder aloud. Andy, Beth, Josh and I pull our bags over to a huge premade tent. Josh and I set our blankets out on the left side, Beth takes the right and Andy is right in front of the opening.
    Once our 'beds' are set, we all venture out into the darkness of Iantillas. Andy holds her phone for a flashlight, Josh and I too. Beth lugs a large flashlight that hurts my eyes if I look at it.
    We're walking around Iantillas for awhile. Beth has tons of bags of things she's found and Andy's names loads of things after herself. Josh and I lead the group. 
    Suddenly Beth lets out a blood curdling scream and all of us turn to see her being drug away from us. "Beth!" I scream, but she disappears into the darkness.
I was looking at writing prompts to use and I stumbled upon this one, so here it is.
'Write a story about how your main character and a couple of friends take a boat trip to a tiny, vacant, off-limits island for a couple days. When the sun goes down, they realize just how occupied the island actually is… and there’s a reason it’s off-limits."
Also, if you're interested in a Chapter two of Midine pls comment and like.


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