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i've forgotten how to cry

By: PureHeart

Perhaps it's just me,
Being a boy and all
Perhaps that's why I can't.
My tear ducts refuse,
My mind is abused,
No tear will my body grant.

All the other boys,
They are tougher than me.
And I bet they don't cry.
The nerds, the bullies, 
The gamers, the goodies.
None of them whimper or sigh.

But I want to cry,
I feel it in my heart.
Does that mean I'm female?
Aching in my chest,
Making my mind stressed,
I am nothing, only frail.

Have I ever cried, ever?
Probably, in the past.
But that doesn't matter.
Cos girls come with tears,
And age comes with years,
And feelings start to shatter.

My mind, the media,
Its all a bit of a blur,
A scam, a myth, a lie.
So called 'masculinity,'
Stereotype me!
Be the reason I can't cry.

Message to Readers

Some boys said to me that girls have it easy. Girls can cry whenever they want about whatever they want, and it will be classed as socially exceptable. But they felt that they couldn't and shouldn't be able to cry. This is dangerous to think this, as this leads to all boys bottlingnup their emotions and not learning how to deal with their own feelings as well as others.

If you have a boy that is special to you in your life, please reassure them, and tell them its okay to be emotional sometimes. There is just so much someone can take before they burst, and its not healthy to keep every little emotion to yourself. You, who are reading this, doesn't matter what gender you are, make sure you have someone you can go to. And know that you are very much loved ^^

Peer Review

I feel very impacted by this piece as it is just so emotional!

I would love to see some similes in this. Maybe extend each line for a little longer and this would be possible.

"Be the reason I can't cry."

This was just such a way to end and literally leaves you with a continuous feeling in your heart that somehow this impacts me and I think it is just a great way to end. :)))

Your language throughout is just gorgeous!

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