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Quarantine Dreams

April 9, 2020


in my dreams I go swimming alone in a lake of
strawberry jelly, even though I’m no swimmer
the lake is as easy to navigate as any pool of
water, diving to the bottom and coming back up,
emerging coated in hot pink, licking the stickiness
from fingers that don’t wrinkle, hair dripping

with goo, and suddenly the lake isn’t a lake
anymore and I’m spreading strawberry jelly
on a peanut butter sandwich only the sandwich
is for a friend and not me, we sit at the table
talking and laughing “remember when we could
visit each other freely?” and then she’s gone,

and I’m alone again, only to arrive at a McDonalds
a few seconds later, sipping a strawberry milkshake,
and there’s a man shouting “Holy guacamole!”
only his voice is muffled by a homemade cloth
mask and there is now a mask between me and
my milkshake and it splatters on my shirt and I can’t

drink anymore but suddenly I’m back at the lake
stepping out of the jelly, whole body gleaming
and I sit on the shore wondering when this will
end but knowing for sure it will end, and maybe things
will never go back to normal, but it'll be alright,
and I sit down on the shore to watch the setting sun.


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  • Tushar Mandhan

    We all feel this! Btw I loved the idea of strawberry jelly lake.

    11 months ago
  • mia_:)

    This piece is so whimsical and fun! You made something breathtaking from a bad situation! I applaud you :)

    11 months ago