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I'm 13 years old and was born on Valentines day during a snowstorm- I don't really make entrances like that anymore. I live in the panhandle of Idaho with my family and 6 pets, none of them are dogs or cats.

It Reflects On You

April 9, 2020

Look at me
What do you see?
Maybe you’re just bein’ mean
Caus’ I’m not what I seem

What you say and what you do
It all reflects on you
Yeah I've got curly hair
Do you think I care?

You say it looks like ramen
But It’s just evolution
You say you want to make me into stew
That’d just reflect on you

Wanna rip my hair out 
You'll wish the teachers didn’t hear my shout
I don’t care about all you say
It’s not gonna ruin my day

Look at me
I’m not just what you see
I’m more than you’ll ever be
All the things you say and do 

that’ll just reflect on you. 
Because in the end
Your the one without any friends
Your the bully
That's what I see
This is a poem about comments a new kid at my school has made, the teachers are aware of his behavior to me and other people. 


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