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So, um, this was a poem I wrote a few weeks ago, and it went to some weird places. Let me know what you think!!

Mother's Kitchen

April 9, 2020


my sister returns to mother’s house a week
after the dog’s death,
the dog who accompanied us to the bus stop
every morning and then returned home
to wait for us by the door.
the dog, whose body still lies in the kitchen when my sister
arrives from her apartment in Chicago.
“it’s so good to be back in the countryside”
she says. mother nods and asks
“you want anything to eat?”
sister says no. she calls me up later and tells
me that the dog is still in the kitchen
rotting and starting to turn green, “how can anyone
eat in there? the stink
makes me want to vomit.” she tells me
mother is different now.
the house is quieter without papa around,
one can hear the grass growing. mother keeps plants,
so many plants in the windows. sister
convinces me there is a jungle in the house
now, not a ray of sunlight reaches the floor she says.
“you know how dust used to float
by the windows?” of course. “well now there’s
no light so you can’t see the dust in the windows but
there’s more dust on the furniture
than there ever was before.” she asks me
if I’m coming over anytime soon,
mother would appreciate it if I stopped by
to say hello, but I tell sister I’m staying in California,
I’ve got a big project to finish before the end
of the month and don’t have time
for vacation. really, I just don’t want to see the
dog or the house without papa in it. mother is
different now.
“that’s too bad” sister says “I’ll tell her you said
hello.” don’t bother, I reply, and hang up the phone.


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