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Rural Towns in Springtime

April 9, 2020


in early March the dragons migrate up from
Mexico and lounge in the gardens, snacking on
rabbits and beetles and snorting fire at the
houses as some funny sort of game. the poachers
follow; we see so many hunters and poachers in
early April that most of the rooms in the hotel
are filled with stacks of guns and dragon scales.
at the end of the season, hunting parties ship
boatloads of scales in eighteen-wheelers,
making an unlawful amount of money from
buyers who are willing to pay top dollar
for dragon skin placemats. by the time the
dragons continue north to Canada, they’ll have
lost several hundred of their company, but
that does nothing to deter them from making
the annual journey from South to North
and back, since there are a few million of
them anyway, and they don’t fear humanity.

once the poachers have loaded up all their
moolah and cargo and finally leave town,
the elves emerge from the forest and come
to stay in the old taverns, which are really
only open in May because the only creatures
who ever stop by for a meal are the elves.
they stay for maybe a week or so
before heading back into the woods to evade
us, and we don’t see them again 
until the following year, unless we’re lucky
enough to catch a few glimpses of them 
when we go hiking in summertime.


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