Tarrance KLG

May 8, 2014

Hochschilds writing changed throughout this book significantly. The way he introduces King Leopold and his intelligence is very creative. However, when he starts to go into explaining the characters, for example, Stanley, they start to become devious and negative towards the characters who have helped Leopold succeed in his massacre and brutality with the Congolese in the Congo. Throughout the book, Leopold gains major power in order to colonize the Congo, and he does this with lots of knowledge and practice. Using Stanley to spread the word throughout his trips around the world, theres more and more discussion on King Leopold's views on the Congo and why he wishes to "Help the Congo". King Leopold knew exactly what he was doing. He was manipulating these people to believe that he was really going to turn the Congo around for the better. Human Nature after reading this book is very disturbing, ominous, and concerning. How did these people survive after all of these horrifying events took place in the Congo? Why did King Leopold plan all of this out and How?

King Leopold is one of the smartest men that has ever planned an event so dark and confusing because he succeeded with no wonders or disturbances throughout his proclamation of destroying the Congo. Every person who found out what King Leopold was doing was killed right after because he wanted no one to disturb his so called "Masterpiece". Hochschilds readers must be in shock after they read this book because of the truth that was behind King Leopold and his persuasive ways. King Leopold knew how to talk to people in certain ways that no one can ever really master because he was able to convince anyone about anything they talked about. He was able to change someones whole perspective into something completely different after talking to them, and that is how he imperialized and took over the Congo. Human Nature is very important in this world. It revolves around all world history. For example, Slavery, The Holocaust, The Great Depression and so much more that has happened in the history past. Human nature can also be a good thing, however. Even though this book revolved around the congo and King Leopold's devious ways, Human Nature was strengthened by this because since this happened, lots of people payed more attention to suspicious things like this. However, King Leopold knew how to be a persuasive person, even when the congo started to progress. Everyone believed that it was something else instead of the truth, and that's when Human Nature is turned and twisted around.

In the novel, King Leopold's Ghost, by Adam Hochschild, human nature is demolished. Overall, Hochschild's writing is very intense, interesting, and courageous when it comes to the Congo. Everything that happened in this book was very powerful and full of questions and many different thoughts, and in the end, King Leopold was a mastermind. This man knew everything that had to do with the Congo. How to "act" like he was going to help the Congo, information about the Congo and its needs in order to survive, and many more unknown facts that King Leopold knew in order for him to be able to take over all of the Congo. King Leopold was a savage man, however, thats all he really wanted to be.

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