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Theatre!!! Actor and Stage Crew and Set Build. I love all of it!

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I'm a young writer who loves to write stories and poetry. Although my writing isn't always the best, I love to get my thoughts down and express my emotions to help myself and others through difficult times in life.

Now That I Am Gone

April 9, 2020

PROMPT: Open Prompt

We met.

I thought it was love,
thought it was more than a crush.

But I slipped away,
and you slipped through my fingers,
and we aren't here today.

I do not regret,
any moment we shared.
But when the light faded,
we weren't meant to be there.

We were kids and it seemed
to be full of meaning.
But I guess now that it's done
I'm looking back and seeing
all the flaws in my fantasy.

I liked your smile.
I liked your respect.
But I guess I always knew,
so what did I expect?
I'm a girl who needs the guy who'll tease her to make her laugh.
But you're simply just too shy.

Don't get me wrong,
you are truly amazing.
And some girl will fall someday
with your brown eyes when they fall back gazing.
Because that will be love,
and it will be good for me to know
that I didn't break your heart.

I want you to be happy.
I know you thought
you'd be happy with me.
But I can't wait around,
wait forever to see.
Because I know that this
won't bring happiness.
"We're just too different" is too cliche,
but it's true from me and you.
And this parting is for the best.

But now things can change,
and we can both move on.
You might even find someone new,
now that I'm gone.
Because change brings hope for a future that's better.
And now you can sing a new song,
one that you'll write for someone else,
now that I'm gone.
Yes, now that I am gone.


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