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Poetry Is

By: Anne Blackwood

Poetry isn't just rhyme schemes or iambic pentameter
The gears and levers can't hold the weight of its matter
Its lines are ruined by the bitterness of judgment
Destroying a poem's freedom is a sound so repugnant
It's not mechanical parts, not ones and zeroes; something deeper
A poet isn't a scientist, they're more like a reaper
Harvesting mischief and a bit of truth
Whispers and fireworks; these moments of youth

Poetry is the years that make up the word "trust"
And the singing that drifts in every gale and gust
With the scent of bravery and also running to hide
It's strong as the scrap of faith we cling to inside
A force that drives the waves in the sea
And every knot carved in a thousand-year-old tree
Poetry is a knock on a door in the mist or rain
Poetry is love and fear and joy and loss of things we can't explain

Peer Review

I feel like I have a more poetic sense of what poetry is, and how versitile it is.

One way to add figurative language would be to replace "a bit of truth" with something like "half a flask of truth."

"Poetry is the years that make up the word 'trust'"

I pondered on this line for awhile, and then finally understood it. It describes poetry really well.

There are places to add more figurative language to, but there are no places to change the meaning. Keep the same meaning, its great! Just develop it.

Reviewer Comments

I can't tell if it was intentional to make the first two lines the only two lines that don't rhyme (I know the third and fourth lines don't rhyme, but they are near rhymes), or if it was because it was too hard to think of a rhyme. I like the emphasis, though.