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Poetry Is

By: Anne Blackwood

Poetry isn't just rhyme schemes or iambic pentameter
The gears and levers aren't what matter
It's the things inside, not ones and zeroes; something deeper
A poet isn't a scientist, they're more like a reaper
Harvesting mischief and a bit of truth
Whispers and fireworks and a moment of youth
Poetry is the years that make up the word "trust"
And the singing that drifts in every gale and gust
It's every act of bravery and also running to hide
It's the piece of faith we all hold inside
It is the force that drives the waves in the sea
And every knot carved into a thousand-year-old tree
Poetry is a knock on a door in the mist or rain
Poetry is love and fear and joy and loss of things we can't explain

Peer Review

At the end of this poem, I am left seeing poetry as something so much more complex and important than what we are taught it is in school. There is a new meaning to every poem because of your poem.

You've already used a lot of good techniques in this poem, since many of the lines include a metaphor or other form of figurative language. I'd encourage you to use some more, really unique words and phrases within those metaphors for poetry and maybe some sound techniques (like alliteration), which you already have to some extent. Make it whimsical!

My favorite line is the sixth line, which I highlighted. I really like that line because, to me, it seems so incredibly whimsical, especially with the addition of "a moment of youth".

This is a really good, short poem, and I really enjoyed reading it. I'd encourage you to keep experimenting with cool metaphors and other language techniques. Make it as whimsical as you can! This has a lot of potential!

Reviewer Comments

The entire poem flows really well, and you use some really pretty language within the poem. Good job with the rhyme scheme too. It doesn't seem forced.