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New chapter of my life

By: Fabian


It was cloudy and wet when I found out the truth about myself.
I stood in my room staring at the window in tears.
My friend telling that I been fooled by the lies that my mind created when I was a kid.
I was stuck 6 years in this character, blinded by the darkness.
I wasn’t alone that why I haven’t seen the impact.
I thought it was a good part of my life but it was the worst.
My character wasn’t the real me that why I wasn’t happy.
Then I realised the reason I haven’t been the original Fabian.
I was in denial of him as he was pathetic and a loser.
But that was the real me.
I am not a badass nor a hero,
I ain’t a good guy or a good leader,
I ain’t a person to be looked up to.
That why I am burning the character and come back as the original.
Real question is am I ready to face the change of my life.
Am I ready to lose and gain friends.
Will I be a good lover and respect them.
This constant fear is the reason of me not coming back.
I am not ready for this.

But after tonight I will be the original.
I will hide my feelings and emotions 
I will hide my pain and helps others
I will pick the right decisions
I will have reasons and won’t blame myself for anything
I will finally accept who i am.
I will accept being Fabian 

Message to Readers

Most of my life been all lies and it very upsetting for me to find out that I wasn’t never happy but maybe this time I will

Peer Review

I could sense all the feelings you put in your writing while I was reading this. It was really moving and inspiring, you know, many people are afraid to show themselves as they are for so many reasons and this piece encourages everyone to be themselves.

I would like to know (if you don't mind) what's the real you? You could've maybe included more about your real self in your work, so we can understand as readers what are the changes you're making. Besides, when you mentioned that you'll hide your feelings, I think that it could be good if you explained the reason.

Reviewer Comments

Overall, this was very moving. I'm glad you finally accepted yourself. I've read other of your pieces and I can tell you're talented. Keep writing!