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Photo Booth | Poetic

April 8, 2020


Take a picture, it'll last longer
I say
So he does
What about the photo booth
He asks
I shrug my shoulders
Why not
I say
Fish faces
We take three
Tongue out
Only one
The last one
My eyes close
When we get the pictures
My mind is blown
He holds up a sign
My eyes water and I whip my head around
He's standing there
His adorable smirk smeared across his face
I say
Married for eight years
Two kids
Every day I thank god for the photo booth
this is not a true story (obvi) I'm NOT dating anyone, let alone MARRIED. (I'm forever alone....)


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  • April 8, 2020 - 6:14pm (Now Viewing)

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  • abi's pov

    Fav-(seperate comment because the least fav got really long)
    ugh this hard to decide!
    Pacific Rim for action because robots+big monsters+young Charlie Hunnam+a cool plot=good movie, solid ten
    Criminal Minds isn't technically a movie, but tbh I watch more tv than actual movies-Spencer Reid being his dorky, adorable self+The Amazingness of Penelope Garcia+Tasteful gore+my love for crime shows=my go to netflix show, has made me cry, wince, laugh, think all at the same time.

    10 months ago
  • abi's pov

    Least Fav-John Wick (The First One) the plot wasn't bad, but there was so much violence and it was really graphic. I have a high tolerance for violence when it's tasteful and when it has a purpose or when it's shown as being obviously wrong, but in John Wick it was too much and I realize that it's a movie about an assassin so there's obvi going to be violence. Also they killed a dog and it was very graphic. I have this huge phobia of seeing animals being hurt or abused. It disgusts me. When I was ten, I saw a dog getting kicked in a tv show my parents were watching and was so disturbed I got physically sick for the next three days, like not sleeping, not eating, sick stomachs, it sucked. Yeah back to John Wick, uh, I just didn't like violence and the plot was only okay, it wasn't really good.

    10 months ago
  • abi's pov

    Replying again: Ooh book crushes. Reese from Wilder Girls could probably destroy me with a single stare and I love her for it. Also Teddy (also from Wilder Girls) was so sweet and kind. I cried reading about him getting sick and sobbed gutturally when he died. Oh also Newt from Maze Runner. I still haven't gotten over his death and I read those books when I was like ten so....;)

    10 months ago
  • abi's pov

    Replying: The Opposite of Always by Justin Reynolds is so cute, yet sad at the same time. Jack King (the protagonist) can have my entire heart and soul. It's a really good and teaches a lot of great life lessons about balancing your relationships with the people in your life and romance in general. It's also hilarious. It has a bit of cursing though, but it's probably the same amount as Wilder Girls so..idk. lol :)

    10 months ago
  • abi's pov

    Replying: Thank you so much! I've heard lots of great things about that series and about The Fault In Our Stars. I definitely have to check out those books. :) Benny says hi. He doesn't know who he's saying hi to, but he does say hi. His cat, Mochi, also says hi.

    10 months ago
  • Fabiana250

    This was soo nice!!

    10 months ago
  • abi's pov

    Aw this is cute! c:
    Replying to your comment: I'm doing good, hbu? Neighbor boy and I are good, I guess. We got into a little fight the other day, but it was petty so we got over it pretty quickly. We're currently facetiming as I write this and he writes a His. paper and we're both dancing to the Beatles. Have you got any book recommendations? I'm trying to read more during quarantine. :)

    10 months ago