Hi! My name is Peter and I'm a 16 year old writer from Canada.
I believe that poetry can put mundane and ordinary feelings or objects into a more mindful and revealing setting, so that's why I enjoy it :)

A World With so Much More to Give

April 21, 2020

I open my window and the wind wanders across my face, caressing my cheek.
My curtains reach and bend to envelop me like an arm around my shoulder,
But they’re soon reaching out for anything, anyone.
I put a hand on the numbing glass, then intertwine my fingers together.

I can almost imagine that it’s you.

There is a dent on one side of my bed.
My sheets hold me now, they say they’ll be the contact I crave-
Because no one else can be, at least not right now.

My pillows are molded flat.
They hold my fears in a salt-water puddle cupped in their palms,
Thumbing my cheeks and telling me that it’s all okay-
I wish you were here.

The lightbulb in my lamp is dimmer than I remember,
It sits on my bedside table, murmuring it will light up my nights for now.
I just wish I could see your smile.

This wouldn’t be so hard if I didn’t have something so worth missing.

that laugh that sneaks up on me. It bubbles and grows, turning my cheeks red and stealing the air from my throat.

The gentle companionship of a friend,

And a world with so much more to give.


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