Abby Wahlgren

United States

I Take it Back

April 13, 2020

Cold tiles surround my skin, but I don’t care.
The ceiling has never felt so bare. 
I know I’m lying on the ground, but I can’t remember why.
I guess this is just another day that’s blurred right by.

I wish it was how it used to be.
We could go back in time,
and start this all over.
Live in the world we used to know.
Not this terrible, foreign poser.

Didn’t I use to want this?
A break from it all?

It seemed like such a nice idea,
Back when everything was normal.
Now everything moves a whole lot slower.

Having no responsibilities each day,
Is just another way of saying:
“I have no purpose”

So hear me when I say,
I take it back.

My head turns to the left, 
Then over to my right.
I have no one next to me, and now the cold feels colder.
Obviously there's one here to give me their shoulder. 

I’ve watched every movie,
But had no one to laugh with.
I’ve felt every emotion,
But I had no one to talk to.

I long for my life back.
My school.
My team.
My friends.

This isn’t what I meant,
When I made that selfish wish for a break 
I’d take it all back.
For everyone’s sake.


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