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Hey there!
My name is Johanna and I'm very much in love with the English language.
I'm a 17 years old from Germany and writing is one of my greatest passions alongside music.

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Feel free to contact me. All the love.

the curse of the crown

April 16, 2020

this isn't a game
you play with
so I'm grateful
for our big windows, 
for the sun 
that shines through,
and sounds of spring
when I open them up
but don't really know
how it looks like this year
flower by flower
bee by bee
though it's ok
when so many
won't see 
it anymore
at all
due to
the curse of the crown
no one wants to carry
but brave healers fight
-day and night
and hope
can be dangerous
but not as much
as you and me,
while we’ll flatten
all curves
using all reserves
to slowly but surely,
get back to a tangled world
with wisdom
of the experienced
that we will have overcome
in a puzzle of solidarity


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