slim shady


​When Death Comes

April 17, 2020

When Death comes, 
it may be when I’m asleep.
Silently slumbering, 
summation of sheep.

When Death comes, 
it may be during daybreak.
Wide-eyed and wondering, 
where I’ll be when I wake.

When Death comes, 
it may be most unexpected.
At the top and respected,
to rock bottom, protested.

At one time I was Hope, 
flying out of the Box.
Til one day the sky fell,
and all that remained was Nox.

From elected, revered,
to subjected and jeered.

Dejected, neglected,
Infected injected,
Misdirected regretted.
Everywhere is a dead end.

Begging for ten cents,
but still always rejected.

Perhaps I will wait

for when the pain numbs.
When Death finally comes, 
it’ll be by my own choice.

Song of the Sirens, 
sailing to Death’s voice.


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  • CrazyNinjaKid

    wow this is amazing

    8 months ago
  • Julia V

    Wow.....just wow. I love literally everything about this! Good job! :)

    8 months ago