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“Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.” -Malala

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Past, Present, and Future

April 7, 2020

I wrote a letter, 
To myself, 
Reminding her not to take the small things for granted.
Reminding her not to forget the things that she so loved and I now hate.
It said:

I forgot what it was like, 
To lie under the blanket of the blue sky, 
Careless and free, 
Feeling the brush of the same air as the birds gliding past on the smooth lift of the air.

I forgot what it was like,
To nod in conscious acceptance, 
To the parts of life,
 I could never control.

The change from then to now is incomprehensible.
Were we truly the same person?
As I look in the mirror now, 
All I see is fear for the future and present.

Now, the air and the birds terrorize me.
Everything does.
Knowing the dangers of the things around you, 
Hold you back from appreciating the beauty that they bring into your life.

So, I write to you saying, 
To be that way for as long as you can.
Take the world around you into your own hands, 
And write the story of your life before you lose the things that make you the most powerful.
So that you may help others when the world comes crashing down like it has today.

Use your unused time to sculpt yourself, 
Into all of the people you admire combined into one amazing person.
Create the life that you desire so greatly, 
Where you lie under the sky, 
And converse with the birds, 
And everything is okay.

What was it like then?
I never remembered, 
The world where people never fought over groceries, 
Or angrily debated over politics

So, write the ending where you change the world, 
Like I hope to do now with this letter, 
Before it is too late to unite those around you, 
And save the humanity in the human race.
I decided to give poetry a shot for the first time in a while. Enjoy!


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  • Deep_Breaths

    This is really good! Great job!

    10 months ago