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This made me sad... and I wrote it!

After He Told Me He Loved Me

April 6, 2020

After listening to his voice for years, after laughing at all his jokes, after watching him take HER to prom and not me, after writing thousands of poems he'll never know were for him. After lying and saying everything was okay, after crying in my room because he kissed someone else. After dying to taste his lips on mine, after gasping every time he'd talk to me, after my heart quickened every time he touched me. After all the lies he told me, after his cheats and betrayal, after forgiving everything he did, after he admitted he left her for me. After loving him for as long as I could remember, after he told me he loved me, after I was finally happy, after knowing the taste of his lips, after knowing every part of him better than me, after he got down on one knee, after I walked down the isle, after our firstborn was here. Before we were all together, he died.
this is about a girl who's been in love with a guy for as long as she can remember. And once they're finally happy, he dies.


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