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the only thing keeping me sane right now is imagining the world centuries from now when we live on mars and it is not a utopia but it is not now, please tell me if the "story" of this piece comes across, and if it works as a singular body of work.

you want to talk about their cities:

April 20, 2020

skyscrapers traded for the sub-basement
dwellings of immigrants, orange in their woven blankets
and vegetable dyes.
as if, in all our history as living things
tearing the last breath out of a husk that is
a home,
it is such a shameful thing that they
have only the dust to colonize; to sweep into corners
as it seeps from the ground, as alien
as any sand can be.
and what do you think it means to arrive on foreign dirt? 
and what say you to the inheritance of the Earth,
with their narrow windows and dark greenhouses?
the Martians cup water from red bedrock,
smooth basins into stone.
it is not the water which flowed in the rivers of your youth,
and maybe you feel that loss,
but they do not.
they grow their greens in glass jars like your grandmother might have,
and await the arms of someone that they love.
you want to talk about home in blue and white.
how can they tell you: this, too, is home.


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  • Norah

    thank you sappho for that wonderful feedback, it's exactly the reaction I was hoping to get!

    11 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Trying to think of something original to say but I just have to agree with loveletterstosappho

    11 months ago
  • loveletterstosappho

    gosh this is so innovative. it isn't gaudy with language use and doesn't try to dress up with big words or complicated illusions and those things can be fine and good but they wouldn't work here and i appreciate that you recognize that. i don't have a lot to say but there is something about this that strikes a chord. i can't put my finger on it but it has a very lost and universal quality. i might try to figure out what it is that makes this piece so punchy later if i ever return from binging the great british bake off but if not i want to say, again, that there is just something so POTENT about this. well done.

    11 months ago