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Cough Up a Rose (story version of The Flowers in My Lungs are Choking Me)

April 9, 2020


I sit in my room. Staring at the rose on my floor. I don't know what's happening to me. Another thorn pierces my windpipe and I scream and cry out. Coughing up another flower, another rose, I feel tears roll down my bright red rose cheeks. What is happening to me...
Dahlia. What are you doing?" Megan asks. I look at my best friend and jerk my head towards David and she suddenly understands. When I sidle over to him in the cafe, I feel a sudden pain in my chest, but I brush it off. I paint my best smile across my face and turn to David.
    "Hey, David!" I say, the sweetness in my voice causing an instant cavity. David spins on his seat and nods his head. "Hey, Dahlia, right?" My heart melts and I giggle. "Yeah, that's me." I answer, giggles still bubbling in my chest.  
    He nods once more. Then turns back around and faces his friend. The pain in my chest becomes sharper and I gasp for a breath. Still, I ignore it.
    I walk back over to Megan. She throws me a pitied look and I toss one right back. We walk out of the cafe and climb into her small car. Megan turns on the radio. I slump in my seat and finger my necklace. The flower charm glints at me and the pain returns. Worse than before.
    I heave and clutch my chest. But it's not my chest. It's my lungs. I cough and suddenly smell roses. Weird... I say in my head. "What's weird?" Megan asks. Oh, I must not have been in my head. "Uh, nothing, Megley." I say and turn back to face the window. I notice in my reflection that my cheeks have turned a rosy red. Uncommon because I'm normally quite pale.
    Megan stops in front of my house and I thank her then walk inside. Mom greets me but I all I can manage is a small hello, and at that I dash up the stairs and lock myself in my room.
    What's happening? I ask my lungs. Not expecting and answer, I'm surprised when a rigid cough explodes out of me. "Very well then," I say. The cough is followed by the familiar rose scent. I don't know what to think. I decide I'm experiencing a slight case of mania. So I just lay down. Sleep fixes everything in my world.
    The next morning I briefly forget about what went on last night. The moments in which I had no memory of yesterday were peaceful. But then I remembered what happened. My eyes snap open and I catapult out of my bed.
    I instantly feel the pain in my lungs again. "Enough of this," I say, raspy sounds clinging to my voice, now I smell the rose even after just talking.
    I snap my laptop open and search "flower scent after cough" One thing comes up. I find a small description. "Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient coughs up flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love." 
    My mind is whirling with all my thoughts. Hanahaki? One-sided love? Coughing up flower petals? What's going on? Suddenly I feel something crawling up my throat. I run to my bathroom and heave a strong cough. Pain rings through my body and my blood boils through my veins.
    I realize I've closed my eyes. And suddenly, I'm genuinely afraid to open them. I smell rose, strong as if it's in the same room. Coughing up flower petals snaps into my head. My heart pounds so loud I hear it echo in my head. I squeeze on of my eyes open. 
    "Oh. My. Gosh." I gasp. There are rose petals scattered in my bathroom sink. I instantly close my eyes again. My breaths quicken and I feel my head pound and heart rush. This can NOT be happening. I'm going crazy, I just know it.
    I regain my confidence and fully open my eyes. Not only rose petals, but there are thorns and one full rose too. I touch the full rose and recoil as soon as my fingers reach it. What, no, how... My mind and thoughts become a blur. 
    Suddenly tired, I limp to my bed and sob. I feel like such a freak. What kind of normal high school girl suddenly coughs up roses?! I rub my hands over my leaky eyes. My cheeks becoming puffy from crying. What's Megan going to think of me. There's no way she's going to be friends with me now. Tears drip off my nose and form a small puddle on my pillow.
    I pitifully pick up my phone. Scrolling through my contacts, a text from Megan pops up. I drearily open our never ending chat and read the new message. Saw David with Nancy last night, so sorry Dahlia. At first I just laugh. The my laugh becomes a howl then the howl dies into a whimper.
    The pain intensifies and a blood-curdling scream courses through my veins. My entire being caves in and everything I'd ever felt came crashing on me at once. 
    My breath came in quick and forced gasps. Flower petals covered the floor around me, thorns and full flowers too. Especially roses. Roses everywhere.
    I collapsed on my floor and my vision went foggy and my head pounded louder. I felt the roots and leaves of the flowers climb up my throat and out my mouth. All the flowers around me began to grow and wrap their vines around my body. The pain was infinite. 
    Sobs overcame my screams, I knew struggling was useless. As I laid, motionless on the flower-covered floor, I thought about David. My blood rushed cold and my heart slowed to a solid drumbeat.
    It's all his fault this is happening to me. In the moment that i felt as if I'd never possibly survive, my hate and despise for David replaced any love I'd ever felt. Instantly the flowers stopped. The ones surrounding me stopped growing. The vines backed away and the petal's colors faded.
    I stood up and brushed the pollen off of my clothes. Rage filled my eyes and I spit out one final petal and I swore David would pay.
If you look up Hanahaki you'll see it's a fictional disease that is caused by one-sided love and results in couching up flowers and can be fixed with surgery. It's a very detailed fictional disease.


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