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Hey there!
My name is Johanna and I'm very much in love with the English language.
I'm a 17 years old from Germany and writing is one of my greatest passions alongside music.

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Feel free to contact me. All the love.

​February, the 14th

April 6, 2020


She was just getting into an old yellow taxi she caught up on, on the corner of the street, trying to escape the pouring rain outside that came over the city this evening. Once seated, safely from the weather on the back of the car she was just about to tell the driver where to get her. Though, when she looked up to her left and saw her old enemy sitting there, her mood shifted immediately.
“Going somewhere?” he asked in a tone just as vain as she remembered him. And in a span of a second, she decided to go the mature way and ignore him and instead told the driver her destination. He was the last man she ever wanted to see again. Their history, way too complicated to even waste a thought on nowadays.
“It’s rude not to answer, you know.” He replied, at her quietness, a smug grin on his lips. Of course he knew he’d bug her, how couldn’t he?
She gave him a mean glance and just then realized, that he wore the exact same tie, she gifted him for his birthday four years ago. She got a little lost in her mind for a second reliving old memories, even those that made her remember why they were enemies at all. Until she woke up from her little daydream and shot back: “Bad enough I have to share air with you.”
With that she created what was probably the loudest tense silence in the whole huge city, and didn’t even regret. So, she turned her head to the left staring out to watch the rain drizzle and flow down the other cars’ roofs as and turned away from him as they travelled. But she couldn’t help but notice the radio, that played silently in the back. The guy mumbled something about love and marriage and -damn it, was it Valentine’s Day? A quick glance on her phone confirmed her theory and now she wanted to go home even quicker. There used to be a time when she had to convince herself that it was only one day in the year for lovers and 364 for lonely people like her. But since she didn’t belong to the latter anymore it made her feel a sense of anxiety. “Forget it every time, don’t you?” He asked, he still knew her very well, she reckoned. And had the same old talent of knowing exactly how to push her buttons. But that didn’t matter anymore, not when it mattered that she forgot what kind of day February, the 14th was.


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