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Match breaker | Part Two of But What If It's All Wrong

April 6, 2020


    Brody and I search the internet for our mark crisis. I rub my shoulders and close my eyes. I just wish these marks would disappear. But then I also wish that my love mark would stay. I don't want to leave Brody.
    We find a website that is supposedly written by someone with the same condition. She advises to ignore your LOVE mark because your ENEMY mark will take over. I start to panic.
    I can tell that Brody is flustered and doesn't like what he's reading. He pulls the laptop away from me and searches another website. I attempt to look over his shoulder, but he turns away from me. "Brody, what are you doing?" I ask. "Just a second," He replies.
    I sit back on my bed. Honestly, I begin to believe my enemy marking for a split second before catching myself. No, Lavaliere. Don't do that. Brody turns to me and shows me the screen. "Mark removing" My eyes widen. I hate this enemy mark as much as Brody, but I don't want to remove it. It's part of me.
    I narrow m eyes and look at Brody. "What are you thinking?!" I ask, anger bubbling in my chest. Brody looks at me and scoffs. "Lav, this is our only choice." His voice gets louder. I take the first step to yell. "No! Brody, this is part of me! I don't want to get it removed!" He looks shocked, I usually never yell. 
    I turn my head away from him and glare at the wall. Brody growls under his breath. "Maybe her enemy mark was right." I sit straight up and slap him across the face. His eyes grow so big they're disproportional to his face. "What the heck, Lavaliere?!" He yells. "Get out, Brody!" I shout.
    He stands up and slams my door. I feel the tears rolling down my cheeks. I lay back and sob into my pillow. Why'd my stupid marks have to match his. I just wish they were some random marks that no one I knew had. 
    I walk into school with my head facing the floor. I sulk to my locker and remember. I have to sit next to Brody in Science. A whimper slips off my tongue. I run to the girl's bathroom. I stick my finger down my throat to try and force myself to get sick. 
    I walk down to the nurses office and tell her that I'm sick. The nurse calls Mom and I leave the horror show called Middleton. I walk out the school doors. Opening the doors to my car, I begin to cry once more. Why are love and hate so hard?
Part three? Comment your thoughts.


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  • Jothsimar

    Please do a part three!!!

    10 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Replying: Thanks a bunch for your feedback! I definitely have some thinking to do.

    10 months ago