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- Lover of all birds (especially pigeons)
- Lover of all animals (especially cats)
- Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
- Fascinated with history and antiques - I wish I was born in 1890!
- Lover of novels

Finding Light

April 18, 2020

Though for the weary soul, it may be the dark night,
You can search through inner gloom to find constellations shining bright.
And when you find yourself shrouded by curtains of woe,
Remember that when parted, the sun fiercely glows
And when you dread blackness forlorn
Remember that the darkest of nights, must flee to a new dawn.
And though it be most rugged terrain,
A new bud may grow after the first rain.
So face towards the sun, hold your feet fast,
And let the shadow you carry, behind you be cast.


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1 Comment
  • one_lonelyflower

    That is so amazing! I love the way you wrote this! It's epic!!!!!

    7 months ago