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But What If It's All Wrong?

April 6, 2020


Everyone's got two. Two small marks on their upper arms. One for your love and one for your enemy. There's a match for each one, and only one match. Nobody knows why we have them, we all just think that the angels and demons pitied and laughed at us.
    I walked through Middleton High School, pulling my sleeves over my dry hands. Only pulling them away to open my locker. Brushing my hair away from my eyes, I see Brody walk down the hall and smile when he sees me.
    "Hey, Lavaliere!" Brody gives me a tight hug around my waist. I let out a loud shriek. Realizing that everyone is watching me, I lower my voice. "Brody! Stop, you know I hate when you do that." I tell him. Brody just laughs.
    I grab my books and walk to class. Brody follows me and I quicken my pace when he catches up. "C'mon Lav, I'm sorry." He says and laces his fingers in mine. I can't help but smile. What a dork. 
    "Okay," I tell him. "I guess you can walk with me." He scoffs "We're both going to the same place." Rolling my eyes, I walk into Science class. I sit in my seat and feel a sharp pain on my arms. "Ow" I whimper under my breath. 
    I ask our professor if I can use the bathroom. Running out of the classroom, Brody watches and raises his eyebrows. I'm out of breath when I reach the girl's bathroom. I lock the stall door and pull off my shirt. 
    There's a black mark on each of my shoulders. My breath slows but my heart quickens. Oh my gosh, I think. I've got my marks... I cautiously look at my right shoulder. Right is love, left is enemy.  
    There's a small bird on my right shoulder. My eyes widen and I gasp loudly. Brody's mark is a bird. I smile and turn to my left shoulder. "What, I, what no?" I stutter and blink several times. My left mark is a small bird. The same mark as my right. How is that supposed to work. How can Brody be my love and enemy?
    But, what about Brody's hate mark? I start to think. Then I remember. He didn't have one. Nobody could figure out why. Thoughts whirl through my mind. There's no way. 
    I walk slowly to the classroom and sit down next to Brody. He looks at me with questions in his gaze. Pulling out a pen, I write a small note and pass it nonchalantly to him. Talk about this later. I wrote. He nods a small nod and we listen to Professor ramble on about the molecular make up of an eggplant. 
    "So," Brody asks. "What's up?" I swallow the cries that are clawing their way up my throat. I just pull my sleeves up and let him see. He looks at my right shoulder and his face lights up. "Wha- really?!" He sputters. I nod then turn my left shoulder toward him. 
    Brody's eyebrows curve with confusion. "That can't be, no, that's not right." He says. I just nod again and pull my sleeves down. We exchange a lost look and I set my head on his shoulder and we sit together and wonder. But what if it's all wrong?
I'm not sure if I should make a part two or just leave it as a cliffhanger. Comment your thoughts.


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  • Anne Blackwood

    Replying: Whoops I missed that part

    10 months ago
  • abi's pov

    Oh, I love this. This is such a cool idea!! Also for your question about Escapril, you can google Escapril and you'll be able to find the prompts or just create your own.

    10 months ago
  • Deep_Breaths

    LOL, ok!

    10 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Um heck yeah I want more

    10 months ago