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The Flowers in My Lungs are Choking Me

April 6, 2020

They grow
They open their petals and creep up my neck
No one knows
These flowers
Will be my demise
The flowers blossom out my mouth
The flowers grow in my chest
In my lungs their roots crawl
In my heart their petals cause trouble
They cause suffering
My feelings rage on
He doesn't feel the same way
The flowers bloom and suck the air away from my lungs
They flourish
The way I feel about him
But he can't return it
Feels like a rose to the stomach
The way I worship his every move
But he can't look me in the eye
Feels like a marigold to the head
The flowers growing in my lungs
Are choking me
This is how one-sided love is portrayed in my mind.


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1 Comment
  • mia_:)

    You write so beautifully and are soooo amazing at weaving a message into your work! I love this piece!

    10 months ago