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Caitlin Mayes

United States

BART Stude

Expert Review Draft Imperialism King Leopold.

May 1, 2014

Think for a moment about colonial rule; about British colonial India, and think about the reasons and means in which a colony is taken. King Leopold ll isn't special in his quest to imperialism. It became, far far back in history, a common feeling to desire power wealth and status. Belgium was small, and globally before the King Leopold took the Congo, didn't have much power. The means in which he took it were atrocious. He severed hands from bodies, kept people malnourished, and generated a society of fear and death in order to have a colony that had vast area and resources. Outside of the Congo, he exploited every avenue he could to gain power. Today those who know the story look back in disgust. But was it all that abnormal for a King to use awful means to get a colony? Of course not; it was expected that if you were in power, that you would strive to gain more. --Need thesis


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