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first two lines inspired by another book I've read in the past few weeks (children of the land by Marcelo Hernandez Castillo)! also, does anyone have suggestions for what I should submit to this month's poetry contest? and I should probably know this lol, but can one person submit multiple entries?
hope everyone's doing well! unfortunately, I just started online classes, so now I actually have work to do :/

when does infinity become enough?

April 7, 2020


we are children of the earth
blossoming like bitter fruit,
        strawberry-stained teeth and
        buttercup-licked throats. a
        kaleidoscope of fresh-trimmed
        grass and cloud-brushed skies.

we are children of the earth
settling into the dirt's cool embrace,
        soil pressed to cheek and
        flowers twined around a 
        heartbeat trellis, scattered leaves
        like fall-scratched freckles.

we are children of the earth
who wrack the ground with guilt,
        our sobs like salted waterfalls
        spilling over cliff-edged cheeks, 
        a small sorrow for the islands 
        our tears have swallowed, the
        land we have gulped like it is ours to eat.

we are children of the earth
who coat the world in our ingratitude,
        but soon, when we run out 
        of nature to devour, when
        our throats run dry like cracked riverbeds
        and our stomachs grow empty like
        hollowed fruit, what is left to consume?

just the carcass of a former world,
a skeleton of what we used to be.


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  • jun lei

    this is absolutely gorgeous; i love the message; bookmarking for the april highlights :)

    11 months ago
  • bambiamby


    11 months ago