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April 9, 2020


Hey write the world community,
Each and every one of you has had significant importance in my life. You have always help me grow and overcome my flaws. I have so many friends on this site that maybe this page will not be enough. It was very hard to select 3 people.

She was the very first one to review my pieces. I remember she was having a contest for her 50th review when she encouraged me to participate. That'ss when I started taking interest in Challenging writings. Honestly, She is one of the best reviews. I will always remember you and can't repay you. Though you are inactive now, I respect you a lot. Thank you for changing my life.

Tushar Mandhan
He has always encouraged me and pointed out my drawbacks. He has been literally my backbone without whom I doubt I will be able to stand. Thank you so much. You have always liked and commented on my pieces, which has always made me so happy. Your writings are amazing and I am emotionally able to connect a lot with them. (Your pieces).Friends like you are rear and I always hope that you succeed a lot in your life.

Thank you so much for helping me so much. You have always provided wonderful comments and your monthly competitions are so unique. Previously you had mentioned Khan Academy in one of your pieces and it turned out to change my life. I am now able to understand some concepts on which I have been banging my head. We share a lot in common too. I hope that you become a successful writer in your future.
Special mention to budding author
Thank you Jun Lei, such a wonderful idea.


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  • bride124

    <3 <3 ,3, no way, you have changed MY life. The way you have always respected me and I have loved your writing is something I will never forget. Feeling uninspired, struggling with making work complete during the pandemic and just being not my usual self lately may seem like excuses but are the real reasons why I have not been active in about a year (WOW, THAT IS A LONG TIME!) But today, I will be a heck of a lot more active and it is all because of you. Lots of love, Bride124

    6 months ago
  • Sanjana Sunilkumar

    Please make a change under @Bride124
    "Honestly, She is one of the best reviewers"

    8 months ago
  • Deep_Breaths

    great job you guys!

    8 months ago
  • buddingauthor

    Thank you so much @Samina! I'm so glad I could help in whichever way I did!

    8 months ago
  • Loser

    Thank you so much! Although we are countries away, it's still nice to get to know you through reading your work and I hope you can find success as a writer as well someday!

    8 months ago
  • Tushar Mandhan

    Thanks a lot!! I don't have words to express.....I very glad that you found me worthy enough.

    8 months ago
  • New York_dreamer

    YES @Tushar Mandhan congrats you are truly a light in this world and a very dear friend to all. Congrats to @Bride124, @Raquel and @budding author as well, these writers deserve credit :)

    8 months ago