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Let’s Scratch Ourselves on the Blackberry Bushes Until We Feel Young Again // Escapril Day 4 (Earthly Pleasures!)

By: PouringOutTheSun


and i think it would be nice:

to just sit in the garden//grass beneath your feet//that certain smell of something new in the air//the glittering of the wind chimes//tired eyes and loopy laughs//your knees are muddy again//sun on your back, quaint hat on your head//where does the stream go? is it somewhere unknowable?//and in the end, it’s like, you can’t have your childhood back//but maybe; this is enough.

I am a child, myself, and yet here I sit, being sad about some lost thing like youth.

Message to Readers

This is a day late for here and I am sorry but real quick? Has anyone read the Goldfinch? I finished it last night and I think it’s after putting me through the wringer, I can’t stop thinking about it.

Peer Review

Definitely the ability that you zeroed in upon those pockets of time like sparkling tchotchkes. Each line is packed with sensory experience that makes me feel as though I am in your story.

I wonder what about the Goldfinch attracted you so immensely and what was your favourite part about it (if you had finished reading the book)? Your short poem seems to deal with loss and youth and happiness: what about these themes do you find the most appealing?

Reviewer Comments

It's really a very lovely poem that had me smile involuntarily and feel a tiny nostalgia. I really don't have much to say before an elegant work like yours. :)

Keep writing, and I hope to see more from you in the future.