hey! i'm from australia, and i'm thirteen. some of my hobbies include drawing, writing, reading as watching shows. i'm a libra, i love life and i never have a favourite author for long. i write over-dramatic, sad and no-happy-ending stories.

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"when people write, nothing can possibly be chimera. writing breathes colour to the world around you. your imagination is the paintbrush."
lowercase intended :)

i wonder, what do blind people see?

April 4, 2020

PROMPT: Open Prompt

my alarm is a deafening siren.
i wake up with a jolt.
the birds are screeching, my ears are ringing.
everything sounds louder when you can't see.
feel my bed, grasping with grogginess. 
the sheets are tangled, so i routinely make my bed.
making my way around the house is easy.
i've been navigating through this maze since i was born.
the morning is young, but the dark doesn't scare me.
i've been navigating through this darkness since i was born.
i sip cold chamomile tea as it eases up my throat, rejuvenating a tired soul.
everything tastes better when you can't see.  
i like to take a walk around this time,
the silence fools me into thinking nothing is wrong.
my dog scurries ahead of me, but we always stop at the flowers.
i like to inhale the mellow scent, let it take me far away.
well everything smells better when you can't see.
idkk this is kinda depressing but a good question right?


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