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Where Were You

April 6, 2015

PROMPT: Where Were You?


When I was weakest, where were you

You knew I needed you

Yet you decided to abandon me

Crying in the floor 


Where were you when I had those thoughts

The thoughts to end it all

It wouldn't take nothing but a second, you knew

Yet you left me


Where were you when I got better 

Even though I no longer wanted that

It still crossed my mind

A part of me wished it to be true


Don't worry though

I'm fine now

I no longer desire to have you near

 To tell you every detail from the day 


I have yet another person to fill your shoes

I should be used to you leaving by now

Yet I'm not

I still need you


More than ever now

But I am afraid 

Afaid that you'll leave

Leave when it gets tough


But I don't need that

I need someone to stay with me

Not just when the going gets easy

Someone to stay through the rough spots


With these last goodbyes 

I will try to find someone new

To be there for me 

Unlike you who left me so many times

enoyed it .


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