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BREAKING NEWS, I think...Writing Streak (1-4)

April 2, 2020


Breaking News!!! Deep_Breaths has fallen deeply in love!
    Deep_Breaths, also known as Ella, has fallen into a bad case of love. Yeah, I wish! Wouldn't that be something! 
    No, Ella's day has been rather mediocre. She's been over to visit her birth dad and they didn't do much. So instead of your normal boring update, Ella's put together a list (without using names) about all the boys she's loved before. (Hey, where have I heard that before???)

Boy one was kind, and gentle. He had sun kissed hair and rosy cheeks.
Boy two had an entrancing laugh, who made my heart melt every time.
Boy three lasted longer than the rest. No one knows that he was also boy one.
Boy four was admired in silence. I'd blush every time he'd gaze my way.
Boy five stays across the street where I can only watch, for now.
Boy six has yet to come, but I know he will.

If you hate this, please say so kindly in the comments, if not feel free to comment too!!!


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