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I love writing. Writing can express feelings in many different ways. We can share what we wish without speaking.
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Practice makes Perfect.
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Horror Mirror

September 24, 2020


    There's something in my mirror. I just know it. The way a shadow appears and then runs away when I approach, like the birds in the parking lot. 
    Everyday I look into that mirror. Scrutinizing my flaws, dancing in it at night, applying makeup and skincare. My mirror knows me more than any living thing.
    Once again I went to it. I put my hand on it, expecting it to be solid but instead, I fall through. Face planting into the ground through a mirror at midnight was not on my bucket list. Slowly, and cautiously, I got up, examining the area.
    The ground I had just fell on was a light grey, like the clouds in the blue sky. Only problem here was the sky wasn't blue, and the ground wasn't soft or full of grass. Everything here looked as if it came off of a gray scale. The trees were black, their shadows fading into the ground. The sun white like a sheet of paper. It looked like a cut-out sun but I was too afraid to laugh at it. There were no buildings, no parks, no water. It was just a grey land of black trees. I looked behind me to get back to my bedroom but there was no mirror. I appeared from thin air somehow. 
    I felt strangely odd but I somehow wasn't out of place. My black jeans and black leather jacket blended into the land. My layered and wavy hair was black too, further making me 'normal' in this land. The only thing about me that stood out were my golden hoops that could be noticed from a mile away even though they were the size of a dime.
    I trudged across the ground, being as silent as possible. It's just my luck that I happened to step a black tree's fallen branch. That crack was way too loud and I started to hear noises. Swiftly turning on my heel I fell back immediately to find a shadow, the same one in my mirror. Its' translucent hand reached out to me as I scooted myself back. I look around to find his species all around me.
"Color," they whispered. My mother's golden hoops weren't gonna save me here so I quickly pulled off my hoops, scratching my ear with the pointy end.
"Ouch!" I yelped. It wasn't till I got ready to hurl my hoops that the shadow seemed to back away. The confusion was shared between us. I felt a warmth coming from my hand and opened the fist I formed. My golden hoops were glowing bright like the actual sun and growing in size. They grew bigger and bigger until I held two shining golden swords, just like the ones I read in my books. I stood up ready to swing one. Putting my back against the tree, I looked around for an exit, anything to escape the multiple shadows that were now forming. The translucent arm that was reaching for me was pulled back.
    Forming a distant circle around me, I saw a gap in the circle. Holding out the golden swords at both sides of me, I ran through that gap as the shadows jumped, or floated, back in surprise. I kept running, scared that I'd become one of the shadows. I ran for what felt like miles. This place seemed to have no sense of time. Eventually, I reached a single grand black tree, the size of skyscraper. I couldn't see the top as it faded into the dull sky. I sat at the trunk of the tree, gasping for air. I didn't join track for a reason.
    Apparently, I had fallen asleep because as soon as I woke up I was lying flat on the ground, the tree gone and in it's place was a floating mirror. The mirror was the same rectangular golden framed mirror in my bedroom. I took the chance, putting my hand into the mirror. It went straight through and I took a step inside the mirror. 
    I stood in front of my mirror, staring into nothingness. It was hard to tell if that was real or not. I noticed that my bedroom didn't change and my lights were still off. In fact, it was still dark outside. I was afraid I didn't actually leave the shadows. I hurried to my alarm clock. My book light was still on my night stand so I turned it on and shone it on the clock. 
12:00 am
    I didn't want to believe it, but I'm pretty sure my visit to the shadow realm was no mistake. No time had passed by and I was now traumatized by a mirror. I didn't place my hand on the mirror for a whole month until I accidentally tripped on my rug. Luckily, this time I only crashed my head into a solid mirror and not another realm. 
    A few times throughout that year, I tried to slip through the mirror. Oddly enough, I couldn't get back. I never saw a glimpse of that shadow again, but strangely enough my golden hoops had disappeared since that night.


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